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We think and act long-term.

Long-term thinking and acting, for both, our customers but also our candidates forms the basis for our work. Candidates must have the potential to grow in the longer term with the new task and this in the utmost interest of longer-term planning and strategy of our customers.

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Member of

MKS Consultancy is a member of the QRC Group and was established in September 2013 in Dubai. From here we cover all activities across the Middle East resp. the Gulf States. This is especially in line with the increasing requirements of existing QRC customers who are expanding their activities in this region.

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Trusting cooperation - long-term customer loyalty

Focal point are always the requirements, needs and interests of clients and candidates.Our self-understanding is based on a holistic consulting approach. In addition to outstanding qualifications as a specialist or manager, in MKS humanely dealings and interpersonal relationship in counseling play a central role. The fair treatment at eye level is important to us. Our understanding of a trustful and long term cooperation is based precisely on this understanding.

Highest quality and discretion in the application process - this we stand for. During the search and selection of specialists and executives, our consultants act competent, reliable and trustworthy. Loyalty to clients, fairness in dealing with candidates and the unconditional respect for confidentiality are mandatory for all employees at MKS. In addition, the respective corporate culture of our client finds a very specific attention.

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Engineering Industry

In the area of engineering and manufacturing we recruit specialists and executives for the automotive, the machinery and equipment as well as the energy industry and the electronics sector. Due to our long-time experience in this sector we established appropriate technical knowledge and a strong network.

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Chemical Industry

Within the Chemical Industry MKS recruits candidates in the areas of plastics, color, varnish, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry for well-known national and international companies. Through the direct approach of suitable candidates we can guarantee that the high requirements for executives and experts are met. Furthermore we ensure the optimal matching between candidates and your corporate values.

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Railroad industry

In order to plan, construct, implement and maintain high-technological plants like for example driverless metro systems there is a need for experienced executives and specifically trained engineers. We as an international Recruiting and Executive Search provider have the necessary expertise and network in the railroad industry, which serves as a base for identifying the right staff. From signaling technology, third rail, traction power supply, railway vehicles to the most demanding RAMS-requirements – we have the appropriate, high-qualified candidates in our network.

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Civil Engineering and Construction

In the area of civil engineering we executed several orders from various clients – from high specialized consulting companies to construction companies in major projects. We meet different, but always high requirements – from high discipline-specific qualifications to international mobility to relevant skills in the different disciplines of engineering. In this wide-ranging industry candidates have to be proficient in various international and local standards – a special challenge for the selection of candidates. Relevant experience with multi-national teams is not only appreciated, but a necessity. In a specific recruitment process our experts find the right candidate for the right position.

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PLogistics Industry

For companies within the logistics industry we recruit executives and experts in the areas of supply chain management, transport, traffic as well as logistics planning and management. Our team of headhunters for the logistics sector solely consists of experts who worked in this industry for several years. Hence, they possess excellent relationships to top executives and experts and a deep understanding for the sector and its developments.

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Financial Services

MKS successfully recruits executives and financial experts for banks and well-known companies in the sector of financial services. Our headhunters possess comprehensive own experiences in the financial and insurance sector and have excellent networks to important decision makers and top experts.

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Energy Industry

Within the Energy Industry MKS recruits project managers, technical experts, engineers and executives for energy providers, gas and electricity suppliers and medium-sized enterprises in the areas of energy management, electrical engineering, energy services and energy efficiency consulting.Our experienced headhunters for this industry worked in sales and development departments of reputable companies in the energy industry for several years and consequently know the sector and its job profiles very well.

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Medical technology and pharmaceutical industry

Our department for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry recruits high-qualified staff. Companies that want to grow in this sector have to orientate themselves internationally and correspondingly need to recruit internationally oriented executives and experts. Our qualified team support will support you during the whole recruitment process.

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Middle East/Gulf states

In the Middle East and especially in the Gulf States there are enormous investments in the fields of oil/gas, public infrastructure and diversification of the economy. Especially German middle-sized enterprises and the German industry in common have outstanding opportunities to enter new markets or develop existing markets. For more than 15 years our experienced colleagues located in Dubai and other international locations supported several well-known middle-sized enterprises and corporations in finding the right executives and experts and also in the field of interim management.

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Management Services mit Seminarreihe

Middle East / and Gulf Countries – Investments are still at record levels

Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, are more and more further diversifying their Economies, with the aim to create jobs for its young population. Some countries (for example, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) have their specific programs committed in "Vision 2030". Major events, such as Expo 2020 in Dubai or the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, have already triggered a further wave of investment. Affected are not only substantial expansions of sports and other venues, but also the construction / expansion of rail and road infrastructure, among others like leisure parks, hotels and alike. For example: In Dubai and soon in Doha the most modern Metro Systems in the world are running.

Investments in renewable energy and energy-efficient systems are constantly increasing. This trend undergoes currently a special boost after more and more indications show that solar energy under certain circumstances can be produced even cheaper than by fossil fuels. Creative, forward-looking solutions are required in all such markets.This results in excellent business opportunities for companies from around the world – to partly expand or open up new markets.

Our Seminars - Successful business relations in the Gulf States

What do I need to do, to avoid unnecessary mistakes? Who knows the „do’s and don’ts“ in the Gulf? A good preparation makes the difference! Our extensive series of seminars will help you get started! We are not only supporting you at the entry point to this region, we also offer a comprehensive and unique range of courses. Our seminar program is complemented by accompanied tours to the region, including meeting arrangements with various local businessmen /-woman and chamber representatives.

Practical issues are covered as well, such as: Which industries have interesting business opportunities for my company? Which business practices I need to know?

You will also get a good insight into local customs, as well as in the cultural environment. Our experience shows - there happens most misunderstandings, but they are easy to avoid. Especially here it applies: preparation is all! Our course directors have almost 40 years of experience in living and working in all different countries of the Middle East. Their extensive knowledge and own experience characterize our seminars.

Here in short an overview of our seminars:
I.   Gulf for Beginners
     Conducting Business in the Gulf: Strategy, Implementation, Success
II.  Gulf for Advanced
III. Business Success in the Gulf States / Middle East / MENA
     Focus: Renewable Energies - Erneuerbare Energien – „Energiewende im Morgenland“ – „Energy Transition in the Orient“
IV. Civil, plant engineering and construction, EPC-Contracts in the Middle East / MENA

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